Travelling as a Means to Self-Discovery

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For many people, travel is an escape from everyday life. It’s something that most only get to do maybe once or twice a year, or for many more people, even less often than that. So it’s through travel stories, pictures and videos, all of which are at our digital finger tips in an instant, that help feed that hunger to be somewhere else, to travel to new places.

There are so many new places out there in the world that people want to go and visit. For example, some people love the idea of going to Manhattan, if this is a place that you would like to go to then you might want to check out these Times Square hotels.

So travel bloggers are key to this, they help fire our imaginations, to help kindle our dreams to travel, to inspire us all to follow our dream to travel more often. For travel bloggers, travel is their everyday life, there is nothing that they want to escape from!

Generally, travel bloggers are referred to as “lucky“. They are so lucky to be able to travel the world, they are so lucky to live the life they live, they are so lucky to live their dream job. The reality is though, there is no luck to it. Most set off with not much more in their own back pockets but a dream, a dream to see the world, to experience new cultures and diversity, to find adventure or let adventure find them. A high paying career in travel is not what they set off into the sunset each day for.

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Travel is much more than the outward stories they tell, stories which give you a chance to experience these destinations through the lens of their own eyes. That visual and written representation of what they discover on their travels is just half the story. discusses how one of the most intriguing stories about their journeys actually takes place inside themselves, their journey of self-discovery through their travels.

That’s what we really wanted to find out from them. We didn’t want their top tips for this place or that place, but rather, for them to open up and share what it is that they have discovered about themselves or about travel itself so that we can share that with you to possibly inspire you to look at your own travel or holidays in a different light.

  • Travel makes you feel like a citizen of the world, differences dissolve when you immerse yourself and discover the heart of their being.
  • A lot of people, especially the closest ones, will not understand why you do it, but that’s okay, this is your journey, not theirs.
  • There are three core traits you learn from travel — Tolerance, Appreciation & Patience. This one rang true across so many of their responses.
  • Travel is not escapism, it’s life education. It grows your gratitude for life itself.
  • Sailing is for boats, not your life. Don’t just sail through life and just exist, but rather go live it. Embrace the excitement of the unknown that traveling teaches you.
  • You never return home the same person you were after travelling, notes Lonely Planet. When we get home, home is still the same but on each return home there is something new in our mind that has changed each time, it gets rewired every time.
  • Travel teaches you to fall in love with yourself again. We are so busy trying to get people to love/like us, sometimes we forget to be attractive to ourselves. Travel helps to find that inner glow of happiness, to be at one with who you are.
  • Travel teaches you that it’s never too late to start something new, we mean anything new!
  • Every day travel forces you to step out of your comfort zones.
  • Travel teaches self confidence and to stare down your fears, it gives you the confidence to simply smile at strangers. We forget that a friendly smile offers so much.
  • Travel opens your eyes to discover that diversity transcends into similarities across the world
  • Travel opens our eyes, sprit and heart. It’s an opportunity to see the world through new eyes, expand your views, realising how small your problems are in reality.

For many, travel is about escapism. For some experiences. But for me it is education. Being lucky to visit so many incredible places around the world and interact with cultures, religions and places that many can only try to understand from the news is something I will never take for granted.

When you can stand in a spot where genocide took place and speak to a survivor, or travel to Palestine, somewhere which is often hard to understand from the outside, and have various stereotypes crushed or simply understand what life truly is like can not be rivaled by any book or documentary. The more I travel, the more I get to and want to learn. Travelling has literally changed my life, my outlook, and my gratitude and I just wish everyone could have the opportunity to experience that.

I love inspiring people. Whether it’s a travel or just step out of your comfort zone. It’s definitely the most rewarding part about what I do. Traveling allows for growth. Whether it’s growing intellectually or personally. There is no price point for an experience like this. Traveling full-time has changed my life in multiple ways. With everything comes a struggle but the reward will always surpass.

My biggest motivation is freedom. With that being said, there’s definitely another side to it: inner growth. You can practice yoga and meditation, which I already do, but traveling — either solo or with a bunch of people — makes you reflect on life and gives you the strength to look deep inside of yourself. I got to know myself so much better after traveling alone, and even though I love traveling with someone else too, I still somehow prefer to venture out on my own. It’s a satisfying yet sometimes scary feeling and I love it!

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